Localising a place of a weak ligament, cartilage or muscle insertion and determine a level of its dysfunction

Comparative exam of both joints (healthy and damaged) in both limbs at the same time

Pre-operational navigation– by overlaping two images of the lower limb structures, healthy one on the dysfunctional, a surgeon can localize an incision place more precisely- it makes orthopedic diagnostics much easier and much faster

Healing effects monitoring


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Technology & Innovation

Loading or imposed exam position allows to see and precisely determine an exact structure of lower limb.

A device for examining limb joints (patent pending) comprises a support frame to which are attached mechanisms with holders for positioning patient's limbs in the region encompassing patient's hips , thighs and shanks. These mechanisms are made of materials that do not interact with magnetic fields.

There is possibility to configure settings to fit up every patients between 1,5 – 2 m hight.

The construction of the desk makes scanning of two legs in the same time possible. Additionally it is possible to adjust each antropogenic feature of patient's part of the leg (such as a pitch, direction, twist angle and so on).

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